welcomeAt Treat. Play. Love. we believe that training should be an opportunity for bonding, building trust, and developing a two-way communication street between you and your pet. We are proud to be able to teach people how to be great leaders for their furry and feathered friends, so that they don’t have to resort to physical or psychological intimidation to get training results.

We have experience training all sorts of animals, from dogs and cats, to birds and fish. The great thing about modern reward-based training is that the rules apply to all animals, and the possibilities are endless! Rather than using punishment-based methods to suppress your pets natural behaviour, we can help you to bring out the best in your pet (and you’ll even have fun in the process).

We are passionate about education, and hope you will enjoy the services we have on offer.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Hi Kirsten,

      My prices start from $60 for a basic training consult. If you would like to email me or phone (see Contact Us page) we can have a chat to work out what training option would suit your specific situation.

      Cheers, Belinda

  1. Jess

    My parents have a very large wolf hound x Ridgeback who’s developed a bad attitude towards other dogs, though not their other dog whos a female staffy x (she was there before him) hes about 4-5 years old and about the 45-50kg mark. Theyve had him for maybe a year and a half or so ( hes adopted) and the last year hes become very aggressive towards other dogs when being walked. Hes had quite a few fights with the other dogs and does not respond at all to either of my parents or any methods tried to break up the fight. He basically doesn’t let go until due force is applied (my dad had to pry apart his jaws to get him off of the other dog) its also at home when the shed dogs next door are roming. He’ll run up and down the fence barking and not whimpering but that really throaty sort of worked up sound they make. Again he does not listen to being called up stairs or “roused on” (using a firm voice) its very strange behaviour as hes a big sook and listens very well 9/10 times. His previous owner was quite abusive at times but Bushii (the dog ) hasn’t ever been aggressive until recently. Theres a few more details to the story but basically Im just wanting to know what you thinks going on and if you can help :) hes a beautiful boy and they don’t want to have to muzzle him forever and be afraid of him worsening. If you can help, a rough price for each “lesson” and how many needed would be fabulous thank you :)

    • Hi Jess,
      A behavioural consultation is $80, and i do discounted rates and packages for follow up consultations. How many is hard to say, as it varies so much from case to case. Some people might just have one or two, others work with me for three or more sessions. If you would like to email me at info@treatplaylove.com.au i would be happy to discuss your parents dog further.
      Cheers, Belinda

  2. Rachel

    Hi belinda I’m looking for a general obedience class for my one year old GSP. He is a reduced dog and we have only just adopted him. We would like to start asap. Thank you

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